Yoga Membership

Class Details

MindBodySoul Yoga (4 Classes a Month):

KawanahYoga 'MindBodySoul' yoga flow is a true blend of balance, full body strengthening, and flexibility. The Mind, Body, and Soul are 3 sections of focus that flow seamlessly throughout this 60 minute practice. This unique sequence infuses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help tone your body, increase cardio endurance and boost metabolism as well as, focused stretching which allows muscles to relax and lengthen to increase flexibility.

PowerFlow Yoga (4 Classes a Month):

Flow Yoga focuses on the transitions between the poses and their interaction with your breath, while also covering alignment to support your clear understanding of yoga postures (asanas). This sequence includes plenty of strength, balance, and flow. The combination of movement and stillness is designed to help you deepen your practice, challenge your body

Membership Details

Once enrolled in the Pugh Training Yoga membership program your monthly sessions will begin on start of payment date. You have 30 days to complete your purchased sessions. Each month on the date of initial payment your card will be billed & your purchased session amount will be renewed. Unused sessions will be voided upon completion of 30 days. Any need for an additional yoga sessions during the 30 day period will be an additional $15 per session. Cancellation of membership requires a 30 day notice.