1. What's the pricing for sports training?
    • Sports Training session packages start at $175
    • You can purchase different sessions Packages 
  2. How many sessions can you purchase
    • You can purchase
    • 1/4/8/12/16 sessions packages 
  3. What's the pricing for Fitness training
    • Fitness Session Start at $175
  4. How long do unused sessions last
    • All sessions purchase must be used within 30 days 
    • If unused sessions or not used within 30 days then unused session are voided  
  5. Are my sessions transferable to Friends/Family
    • Purchased sessions only apply to the paying customer
    • Sessions are non transferable 
  6. What is the refund policy
    • There are no refunds
    • All purchases are final



  1. What Ages do you training
    • Ages 6+ are welcome
  2. Do you offer team training
    • Yes, we focus on teams training together 
  3. Do you do on site training
    • Yes
    • Contact for pricing
  4. How long is a Sports Training Sessions
    • Hour
  5. How long is a Fitness Session
    • 45 minutes
  6. Do you train groups 
    • yes
    • Small groups (5-7) are preferred



  1. How to I make an appointment
    • You can book online through www.pughtraining.com
    • You can also book on the Pugh Pro Training App 
  2. Am I required to book an appointment
    • Yes
  3. Are walk-ins allowed
    • For consultation only