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Pugh Training Payment Policies All clients have the option at Pugh Training to choose between cash or recurring payment options. Listed below are the policies for each Client payment option. Option 1: (Cash Payments/Full Price) • 4 Session $300/ 8 Sessions $400/ 12 Sessions $500/ 16 Sessions $600 • All cash payments must be paid in full prior to sessions beginning • Client must choose time and date of each session upon execution of this document • If client is not present on scheduled session time & date then the session becomes forfeited with no option to reschedule • Client has the option to reschedule 24 hours in advance via online or through the Pugh Training mobile App • All clients have 30 days to complete purchased sessions. o Unused sessions after 30 days will be forfeited at the lose of the client Option 2: (Recurring Payment/Discounted Price) • All recurring payments must be paid via online or through The Pugh Training mobile app • All clients have 30 days to complete purchased sessions o Unused sessions after 30 days will be forfeited at the lose of the client • All Clients will be allowed two 24 hour cancellation notices with no lose of scheduled session • Rescheduled sessions must occur within the 30 days of the allotted completion time • Payments will occur each month on the day of initial payment Payment Notes: • Any additional sessions added to the agreed upon purchased amount will be an additional $25 per session. • All recurring payments can be canceled online at any time by client with 30 days notice • All Sales are final upon completed transaction each month • Scheduling for sessions must take place upon execution of this document or 24 hours in advance of sessions time via online or the Pugh Training Mobile App

Training Packages


4 Training Sessions ($175)

8 Training Sessions ($250)

12 Training Sessions ($375)

16 Training Sessions ($500)


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